The number of guests from Iran should increase after visa-free tourist trips are allowed: it is planned that this summer citizens of Russia and Iran will be able to travel to both countries without visas. To prepare for the growth of the flow of Iranian tourists, it is worth getting to know them better.

Every 33rd Iranian went abroad, while 4,9 thousand trips were to Moscow in 2021. This figure increased by 322%, reaching 21 thousand in just nine months of 2022.

The total expenses of Iranian tourists in Moscow have decreased compared to 2019, when there was no covid-19. In 2021, the amount was $6.9 million. Travelers still prefer to stay in hotels of 3-5 stars category (91% of tourists), but at the same time they are increasingly choose more affordable three-star inns. However, the average duration of stay increased in 2022 - more than 3 times compared to the indicators of 2021.

Most often Iranian residents travel to Russia in June-September, experiencing the peak heat in their homeland in the more northern regions of the country. At the same time, tourists who travel in groups usually include visits to Moscow (4 days) and St. Petersburg (3 days) in a week-long trip.

Who are they traveling with and why?

Traveling with a group is the most common travel format. Participants are usually very interested in cultural and educational tourism and shopping. The budget of such a trip to Moscow is about $700-1000 per person, another $500-1000 can be spent by one tourist during the trip.

90% of Iranian tourists come to Moscow with their families, which significantly increases the cost of the trip. The total budget is formed by a man, and decisions on activities are made by a woman. Individual travelers practice business and family tourism, paying special attention to children's leisure. Most often they are wealthy entrepreneurs who know English well, are independent in organizing their leisure. At the same time, they are more influenced by reviews and international ratings than group travelers who rely on information from travel agencies and acquaintances.

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