About us

RUSSPASS-Business - a single entrance window for interaction with the Moscow tourism industry

Registration on the portal will allow you to get access to a variety of tools for organizing an event, create successful collaborations and develop your business

Why RUSSPASS-Business?

Digital platform for cooperation and perfection of the quality of tourism services and products

RUSSPASS-Business functions as a common ground for all the tourism market players and enables to build a multilateral transparent and continuous dialogue between the participants of the business-community and as well as with governmental bodies.


We grant access to a wide spectrum of instruments, aimed at development of tourism products and services: tailored analytics, marketplace of contacts, data base of ideas for incentives, image and video bank, detailed roadmaps for subsidy application, system of notification and registration for future events.

Our aim is modernization of the active business-community, interested in development and perfection of Moscow line products and professional competences of the representatives of tourism sector.