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4 September

How Portrait of Chinese Tourist in Moscow Changes

In 2023, China opened its borders with Russia after a long lockdown, and already in the first quarter the number of trips of Chinese tourists to our country increased fivefold compared to the same period in 2022.

17 August

How Much Do Tourists Spend During Trips to Moscow?

Mostourism analyzed the data of bank transactions and cash withdrawals from ATMs, thanks to which it determined the amount of non-cash expenses made by tourists/guests of the capital during their stay in Moscow.

27 July

Map of Tourist Sites Where Chinese Payment Services Operate

A visa-free tourist exchange between Russia and China will soon begin to operate. Mostourism has prepared a map where it is possible to pay with a UnionPay bank card and Chinese payment services WeChat Pay and Alipay.

4 July

Children's Tourism in Moscow: 2022 Results

More than 9 million children visited Moscow in 2022, of which 3.8 million children made tourist trips.

19 June

All Stars of Moscow: how the capital’s hotel market is structured

The last year has proved to be a real test for the Russian hotel industry. We tell you what this has led to, based on Moscow.

16 June

Portrait of an Indian Tourist

Indian citizens have become frequent visitors to Moscow in the last few years. Why do they visit the Russian capital and how do they spend their time there?

10 June

People vacationing in Moscow: portrait of a domestic tourist

In 2022, 17.9 million tourists visited Moscow with the majority (16.2 million) of travelers coming from other regions of Russia. Read about features of the domestic tourist portrait in our selection.

5 June

Business tourism in Moscow: 5 useful figures

Business events are increasingly held at Moscow venues and attract business tourists. We explain the way this area is developing and what it brings to the city using clear figures.

6 May

Portrait of Iranian Tourist

Iranian tourists actively and with interest visited Moscow in 2022. Let's tell you why Iranian travelers come to the Russian capital and how they spend their time here

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