Here are the data for 2022

Domestic tourist flow to Moscow amounted to 16.2 million trips last year. It has not yet reached the pre-Covid-19 values of 19.4 million, but the positive dynamics is evident: compared to 2021, the increase amounted to 0.9 million trips.

Mostourism analyzed the data of bank transactions and cash withdrawals from ATMs, thanks to which it determined the amount of non-cash expenses made by tourists/guests of the capital during their stay in Moscow.

Important: 91% of Russians sometimes pay in cash, but the vast majority, 71%, generally prefer non-cash, according to the National Agency for Financial Research's Summer 2023 data. In addition, the analysis does not take into account expenses made in the home region, i.e. before traveling to Moscow (e.g. a payment of transportation costs, living expenses, etc.)

Thus, we do not claim that we have managed to count all the expenses made by tourists during their trips to Moscow; nevertheless, the results of the analysis allow us to assess the overall dynamics and identify a number of regularities, in particular, regional differences.

In 2022, tourists spent an average of 9.2 thousand rubles during their stay in Moscow. At the same time, the amount of non-cash expenses differs depending on the region from which the guests arrived. Representatives of the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District, who occupied the entire top-5, spend the most.

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